We not only live — and love — where we work; we drink what we produce, and plan to stay here forever.

It is our firm belief that wines of exceptional quality can only be produced by the best sustainable practices: protecting the environment while enhancing relationships with our neighbors and our employees. We feel lucky that we’ve been able to build a business, literally from the ground up, using sustainable development and distribution to make a positive contribution to the environment, our community, and our bottom line.

We’re in a good position to act on our principles. Thomas Patrick Cellars partner Erin Hafkenschiel Donnelly was a Switzer Environmental Fellow while she earned a master’s degree in public policy and urban planning at Harvard. As a Fulbright scholar, she worked with the Energy Foundation to create more sustainable, pedestrian-oriented cities in China. She’s worked to protect the world’s largest remaining coastal temperate rainforest. Today, she’s putting those skills to work growing a business that exceeds customer expectations while protecting the environment.

Thomas Patrick Cellars is building for the future by being responsible stewards of the earth’s natural and human resources. We can’t imagine a better family legacy.


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